Estate Planning 
& Probate

Our experienced attorneys prepare Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills to help you accomplish your goals and ensure your intentions are protected.  We work with clients with estates of all sizes and can help design a comprehensive estate plan to ensure your estate is transferred, protected and taxed in the most advantageous way.

How We Can Help With Estate Planning


Power of Attorney - Health Care

  • Allows you to appoint someone to assist and communicate with medical professionals and ensure your health decisions can be made in the event you cannot make the decisions yourself
  • Inexpensive estate planning document that everyone can benefit from

Power of Attorney Property

  • Allows you to appoint someone to manage your assets when you are unable to do it for yourself
  • Inexpensive estate planning document
  • Important as part of a comprehensive estate plan
  • Could empower agent to implement Medicaid planning and asset protection measures


  • Most commonly used estate planning document
  • Asset transfer
  • Appointment of the individual who will manage and oversee the distribution of your probate assets
  • Long term cost savings

Living Will

  • Allows you to state in writing your life sustaining treatment wishes so that your wishes are carried out in the way you intend
  • Makes your last medical wishes clear so there is no disagreements or misunderstanding later


  • Often the most important aspect of an estate plan
  • Long term cost savings
  • Strong asset protections
  • Protection against liability
  • Ease of asset transfer
  • Avoid conservatorships and disabled-person estate
  • Avoid probate
  • Streamline handling of financial affairs if one becomes incapacitated
  • Special needs trusts for beneficiaries with disabilities

What Is Probate?

In Illinois, a decedent’s estate must be administered through the probate process if the decedent’s assets in their own name exceed $100,000.

This would exclude any jointly owned property, 401(k) plans, life insurance proceeds, and IRA’s where there are named beneficiaries.



  • Can take longer than 6 months to administer
  • Allows for the handling of all assets of and claims against the estate
  • Whether you have to go through probate depends on your assets and how those assets are held
  • Experience in representing small and large estates
  • Preparing creditor notifications, filing probate actions, defending and prosecuting Will contests
  • We will guide you in fulfilling your fiduciary duties

Why Choose
Kelley, Kelley & Kelley

Track Record

With over 60 years in the business, we have set up innumerable wills, trusts, and estates.  There is no situation too complex or too entangled for us to create the right estate plan and put pieces in place for you.


We create the most practical, effective will and estate plan to match your desires and make the most of your assets.  It will protect your legacy, and you can sleep easy knowing you’ve taken care of your family.

Investment in You & Your Community

Our family law firm has been part of the Schaumburg community since the 1950s.  We have been serving our neighbors for a long time, and we care about your health, safety, well-being, and protection.

Our Philosophy


Sound Advice

We can help you create a plan that checks all the boxes for you and is in total conformity with the law.


We Stay Current 

As legislation and case law evolves, our knowledge evolves with it.  We invest considerable resources keeping up-to-date on changes to the law and how they impact our clients.


Committed to Excellence

You are our neighbor, and your satisfaction means we’ve been a good neighbor to you.  You’ll always get our full attention and best work. 

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